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Programming Logitech Trackballs

Mouse Buttons

You can open the mouse properties toolbox either by locating the mouse icon on your toolbar, or by searching Programs under the Windows menu for Logitech and opening the SetPoint software. A dialog box similar to the one shown below will open.

Logiteck Trackball Buttons

If your trackball has a wheel, the wheel functions both as a wheel and a button. Use the scroll wheel for precise up and down movement. (The arrow keys and ctrl+arrows also produce the same movement).

Always program one convenient button to perform the DragLock (ClickLock for Mac) function when using a trackball. By programming one of the buttons to "drag", it is possible to avoid holding a button down while and moving the trackball. This motion is very harmful to the hand! This function is used to select areas of data or phrases or to move windows. The drag button even works in such programs as Photoshop while using the various tools like the airbrush, cloning stamp, and paintbrush which normally require large amounts of "click and drag" motion. Click the button once to select the starting point, select or paint the area you want, then click again to capture the data or end the painting action.

To program ClickLock on the Mac, click on the arrows to the right of "assigned action" for the button you want to program with the drag function.

Cursor and Scrolling

Logitech Trackball cursor programming

In the SetPoint window, click on the second button from the top on the column of buttons on the left showing an arrow and some lines to program the scrolling and cursor behavior. With this window it's possible to change the speed and distance the cursor moves on the screen when you move the mouse, whether the cursor is placed automatically in dialog boxes, and whether the cursor shows a trail and how long the trail is.

If your Logitech trackball has a wheel, the wheel functions both as a wheel and a button. The wheel is programmed by default to activate the AutoScroll feature when pressed like a button. (This can be reprogrammed to other functions using the button programming described above.) Simply click the wheel like you would a standard mouse button. Use the scroll wheel itself for precise up and down movement. (The arrow keys and ctrl+arrows also produce the same movement). The wheel will move with greater ease if you select Scrolling size to "Screen" and check the "Enable Smooth Scrolling" box. Use the AutoScroll feature as often as possible. To AutoScroll, you may scroll without moving the wheel or clicking and dragging a button (both high-force movements that will stress the forearm muscles). To program a button or the scroll wheel to AutoScroll, use the "buttons" tab. To activate this feature, place the cursor in an application. Press the mouse button assigned to AutoScroll. The AutoScroll icon appears. Move the mouse once in the direction you want to scroll (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal). The farther you move the pointer from the starting point, the faster the scrolling. To stop AutoScroll, press any mouse button.

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