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You can help increase injury prevention awareness in your child's school. Since there are no formal standards for children's computer use, it is up to concerned adults to be alert to RSI dangers. It is important to note that most schools, where computers are part of children's daily life, have yet to teach proper computing habits, and to properly design computer workstations.

Encourage teachers to promote RSI prevention; they provide a powerful role model. Teachers are eager to provide the opportunity to use computers in the classroom, but many are not able to teach children how to use the computers properly. Let them know about this website and the resources and websites with information about ergonomics for children.

Supply schools with inexpensive options like boxes for footrests and pillows for back support. Cheryl Bennet, an ergonomist in the San Francisco Bay Area, arranged for a junior high school wood shop class to make footrests for the elementary school students.

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What You Can Do at School

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