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Therapeutic Resources

If you are experiencing symptoms of Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD), also known as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) that last more than 2-3 days, it is important that you seek appropriate treatment. Hopefully you will have already treated the early warning signs by following our suggestions for self-care.

Because of the complexity and subtle differences between disorders, physicians don't always diagnose CTD correctly or easily. The most knowledgeable medical specialists for CTD are generally considered to be physiatrists, or physical medicine specialists. These doctors do not provide treatment, however. You will need "physical therapy" to facilitate the healing of your soft tissues. By releasing chronic muscle tension, therapy will restore function by improving blood flow. Healing will only begin once the muscle tension has diminished. "Physical therapy" can be provided by physical and occupational therapists (PT/OT), chiropractors (DC) with training in CTD treatment, and certified massage therapists (CMT). These practitioners specialize in soft tissue conditions.

The Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics website,www.aoec.org is a goodresource for locating clinics throughout the U.S. which usually arewell-trained in the diagnosis and treatment of repetitive straininjuries.

The resources we have listed below are practitioners in the San Francisco Bay Area who have been recommended to us from satisfied clients. We neither endorse nor recommend these particular practitioners. You are encouraged to make personal decisions based on your own needs and research.

If you live outside of the San Francisco Bay Area and do not have a primaryphysician, contact your insurance provider to find a physiatrist in yourarea. To see a specialist in an HMO system, you need to request areferral from your primary care physician. Physical and OccupationalTherapists need a referral from a medical doctor (MD) to providetreatment. To find a doctor or other medical practitionergo to https://www.healthgrades.com/find-a-doctor or http://doctor.webmd.com/.

If you would prefer to see an alternative therapist (i.e., anyprovider other than a M.D.), you will need to do a little research. Agood website to consult if you are considering alternative therapy iswww.healthy.netand click on the link to alternative medicine, then the link to the Alternative Resource Center. To find a chiropractor outside the San Francisco Bay Area, check the website of the American Chiropractic Association: http://www.acatoday.org/patients/index.cfm.

The most effective form of treatment for CTD involves deep tissue work to break up fibrous tissue and lengthen tense muscles. Posture retraining, upper body conditioning, and spinal alignment are also successful.

How do you decide which type of practitioner is appropriate for your problem?

  • Chiropractic treatment relieves any discomfort, including headaches, associated with muscle tension and other soft tissue injuries. Appropriate spinal adjustment should be made only after muscles have been relaxed. If you have experienced spinal injury, x-rays should be taken prior to treatment. An appropriately trained chiropractor will correctly diagnose and treat CTD.

  • Consult a physiatrist if you would prefer to see a MD. You can seek "physical therapy" only after you receive a referral from the physiatrist.

  • Acupuncture restores function to damaged tissue by stimulating certain areas along known energy pathways, called meridians. This method of treatment has been tested over thousands of years and continues to be validated today.

  • A physical or occupational therapist provides evaluation and education, as well as rehabilitation after an injury. Strengthening exercises are used to increase, restore, or maintain range of motion, physical strength, and endurance.

  • Schedule a regular appointment with a massage therapist if you have chronic muscle aches. Massage also enhances chiropractic treatment, often extending the value of the chiropractic adjustment. There are many types of massage. Deep tissue massage tends to work on releasing tight muscles while Rolfing and Integrative Bodywork tend to work on the fascia surrounding muscles and the rest of the body to balance and bring the body into better alignment. We suggest that you research the various types of massage and decide what is best for you...or try several to see what works best.

  • Alternative Therapies such as the Alexander Technique, Restorative Therapy, Structural Integration, and Feldenkrais, improve posture and movement. These techniques promote a valuable body awareness essential of painfree living.

Practitioners by Location:

San Francisco

East Bay

North Bay

San Mateo County Area

Palo Alto Area

South Bay

The Coast

Southern California

East Coast


Cameron Fort, D.C.San Carlos
Daniel Tintor, D.C.Redwood City
Peter Andree, D.C.Redwood City
Bryan A. Kolozsi, DC, CCSPMenlo Park
Menlo Park Chiropractic
David Kong, DC
Menlo Park
Ben Manuel, D.C.Menlo Park
Rikke Johansen, D.C.Menlo Park
Michael Silvas, D.C.Menlo Park
Vikki Peterson, D.C. C.C.N.Sunnyvale
Matthew Snider, D.C.Sunnyvale
Rick Gardner, D.C.Sunnyvale
Nicole Hamilton, D.C.Los Altos
Deann Ohler, D.C.Los Altos
Kimberlee Davis, D.C.Los Altos
William Tolhurst, D.C.Los Gatos
Thomas Mosca, D.C.Los Gatos
Janzen & Janzen, D.C.Campbell
Vinita Azarow, D.C.Mtn. View
Judith Thurber, D.C.Mtn. View
May Cheung, D.C.Cupertino
Sports Medicine InstitutePalo Alto
San Francisco
Lyresa Pleskovitch, D.C., Q.M.E.Palo Alto
Aaron Vanderhoof, D.C.Palo Alto
Dominique Biner, D.C.Palo Alto
Dale Heer, D.C.Foster City
Phil Kotzan, D.C.San Carlos
Marilyn Carmona, D.C.San Mateo
Sue Mullen, D.C.Oakland
Abby Irwin, D.C., sports chiropracticOakland
Andrea Sullivan, D.C., cranial and sportschiropracticOakland
Elizabeth Ringrose, D.C., neurologyOakland
Ann Honigman, MPH, DCBerkeley
Timothy Jameson, D.C., RSICastro Valley
South City Chiropractic:
Alden Soohoo, D.C.
So. San Francisco
Kai Tiltmann, D.C., C.A.E.San Francisco
Joella Castillo, D.C., C.C.S.P., C.A.E.San Franciso
Brian Rizzo, D.C.San Francisco
Hal Rosenberg, D.C.San Francisco
Adolfo Liu, D.C.San Francisco
Peter Lewandowski, D.C.San Francisco
Curtis Turchin, D.C., M.A.San Franciso
Victoria Moore, D.C.San Rafael
J. Scott Crill, D.C.Roseville
Vito Pagano, D.C.Pennington, NJ
Brandon Osborne, D.C.Hopewell, NJ
Mark E. Rosen, D.O.Portola Valley
Jennifer Logan, D.O.Palo Alto
The Balance CenterPalo Alto
Esther Gokhale
Posture/Movement retraining
Palo Alto/Worldwide and online classes
Sports Medicine InstitutePalo Alto
San Francisco
Wendy Figone
Myofascial Release, Yoga Therapy, Nutrition
ACM Health Center

Acupuncture, Chinese herbs
San Mateo
San Jose
San Francisco
Kevin Minney, Bowen TechniqueAlameda
San Francisco
Irit Lippl, FeldenkraisSan Francisco
Esther Golan, HellerworkCampbell
Eleanor Rosenthal
The Alexander Technique
San Francisco
Sara Chong, Reiki Master SF Bay Area
Performance Based ErgonomicsOakland/classes held anywhere in the U.S.
Mike Boester
The Bike Connection

Palo Alto
The Spokesman
bike fitting and sales
Santa Cruz
Sunita Jayakar, M.D., physical/sports med.Mt. View
Michael Dennenburg, M.D., orthopedic surgeonLos Altos
Vanessa Ortiz, M.D., physiatristLos Altos
Jeffrey Teraoka, M.D., physiatristPalo Alto
Jeffrey Peterson, M.D.Stanford
William L. Firtch, M.D. (Kaiser)Redwood City
Petzoldt Hand & Back RehabSan Jose
Jaishri Ramesh, M.D.Santa Clara/San Jose/Milpitas
Norman Kahan, M.D., sports/occupational injuriesMountain View
Los Gatos
Arnold Traynis, M.D., family medicineSan Francisco
Kyle D. Bickel, M.D., FACSSan Francisco
Hoyman Minx Hong, M.D., physiatristSan Francisco
Irene Minkowsky, M.D., physiatrist, osteopathSan Francisco
Robert Minkowsky, M.D., internist, osteopathSan Francisco
Carole Hong, optometristSan Carlos
Kerlin Jobe Orthopaedic ClinicSouthern California
Ward Gypson, M.D., PhysiatristCharlottesville, VA
Quinn Orthopedic Physical Therapy
Debbie Quinn, PT, MMSc
Peak Physical Therapy
Genevieve Cleveland, MS, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC
Healing in Motion
Anne Robinson, PT, SEP
Los Gatos
J. Scott Plank, DPTSunnyvale
OrthoSport Physical TherapyMountain View
Conrad Young, PTLos Altos
Lori Stotko
Certified Hand Therapist (CHT)
Menlo Park
Robin Tobias, PTMenlo Park
BAK Physical TherapyMenlo Park
S.T.A.R. Physical TherapyRedwood City
Tom Sutton, PT, DPTRedwood City
Schoenstein Physical TherapyRedwood City
Carol Trieste, PTRedwood Shores
Myofascial Therapy ClinicCampbell
Christine Ely, M.P.T.Half Moon Bay
Carol Ludwig, P.T.San Mateo
ABA Physical TherapySan Mateo
Beth Weiss, OT/L, CHTSan Mateo
Theresa Geronimo, P.T.San Mateo
Susan Macdonald, MPTSan Francisco
Myofascial Pain Treatment CenterSan Francisco
Red Hawk Therapy CenterSan Francisco
Golden Gate Hand TherapySan Francisco
St. Mary's Spine CenterSan Francisco
Wendy Richardson, RPTSan Francisco
Bettina Neumann, RPT, CST, LLCC
Rising Sun Physical Therapy
San Francisco
Amy Selinger, PT, DPT, OCSSan Francisco
Peter Edgelow, PTHayward
Jennie Bakondi, DPTLarkspur
Kathy Coakley, PTA, ATCHuntington Beach, CA
Penninsula Rehab & Sports MedicineWest/North Ocean City, MD
Robert Wood Johnson University
Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
Princeton, NJ
Joyce West, C.M.T.Palo Alto, San Carlos
Aleia and Vince Baza, C.M.T.Palo Alto
Wendy Ann Harrison
Rosen Emotional Bodywork, Bio-energy balancing, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist
Palo Alto
Sports Medicine InstitutePalo Alto
San Francisco
The Athlete's AdvantageLos Altos
Innesa Lagen, M.A., CMT
cranial sacral therapy
Portola Valley
Aaron Parnell, Olympic MasseurSan Mateo
Ron Spinhoven, CMT, CNMTSan Francisco, Petaluma
Barbara Vos, CMT
craniosacral therapy
San Francisco
Nestor Perez
Chi Nei Tsang, Shiatsu, Integrative Bodywork, Acupressure, Somatic Therapy, Energy Healing
San Francisco
Leslie Smith at Spa RadianceSan Francisco
PSOAS Massage & Body WorksSan Francisco
Ann C. Moore, AMTAAlameda
Edward Weiss, M.D.Palo Alto
Sports Medicine InstitutePalo Alto
San Francisco
Samantha Moon, L.Ac. QMEMenlo Park
Redwood City
Ed Bailey, L.Ac.Portola Valley
Qi Han, L.Ac.Palo Alto
Circle Community AcupunctureSan Francisco
Tom Duncan, L.Ac.San Carlos
Yinfinite WellnessSan Carlos
ACM Health CenterSan Mateo
Meredith Bigley, L.Ac.Los Gatos
Frank He, L.Ac., Q.M.E.
Sports Injury Acupuncture
Ping Wang, L.Ac.Cupertino
Qi Han, L.Ac.San Francisco, Campbell
Dr. Yuanjin Tao, L.Ac. CMDFremont
Benjamin Kreig, L.Ac.Pleasanton
Brian Dempsey, L.Ac.Davis
Sue Patenaude
Patenaude & Associates, Inc.
Morgan Hill
Steve Meagher
SiteErgononmics/SiteSolutions, Inc.

Palo Alto / Menlo Park / Mt. View / Los Altos / Redwood City /Portola Valley
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  1. Joyce West, PhD, CMT
    Trigger point therapy, RSI, occupational injury, neck and back strain.
    (415) 793-3595

  2. Menlo Park Chiropractic
    David Kong, D.C.
    718 Willow Road
    Menlo Park, CA 94025
    (650) 322-7507

  3. Fort Chiropractic
    Cameron Fort, D.C.
    Headaches, neck, back, shoulder pain, pinched nerves, sciatica, and personalized treatment to prevent pain recurrence. Sports and accident treatment.
    1561 Laurel St.
    Suite A
    San Carlos, CA 94070
    (650) 486-1857

  4. George Schoenstein, P.T. and staff
    363 A Main Street
    Redwood City, CA 94063

  5. S.T.A.R. Physical Therapy
    Strength Training and Rehabilitation
    1779 Woodside Road #102
    Redwood City, CA 94061
    (650) 780-9700

  6. William L. Firtch, M.D.
    Kaiser Permanente
    Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    1400 Veterans Blvd.
    3rd Floor
    Redwood City, CA 94063
    (650) 299-4741

  7. Daniel Tintor, D.C.
    2900 Broadway, Suite 1
    Redwood City, CA 94062
    (650) 363-8878

  8. Carol Trieste, P.T.
    Bay Sport Physical Therapy
    200 Redwood Shores Pkwy
    Redwood City, CA 94065
    (650) 593-2800

  9. Sunita Jayakar, M.D.
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sports Medicine
    525 South Drive, Suite 215
    Mountain View, CA 94040
    (650) 967-7471

  10. OrthoSport Physical Therapy
    700 E. El Camino Real, Suite 130
    Mountain View, CA 94040

  11. Nicole Hamilton, D.C.
    Spinal Health & Rehabilitation
    644 Fremont Ave.
    Rancho Shopping Center
    Los Altos, CA 94022

  12. Dr. Michael Dennenburg, Orthopedic Surgeon
    Den Medical Group
    746 Altos Oaks Dr.
    Los Altos, CA 94204

  13. Tom Sutton, PT, DPT
    Altos Oaks Physical Therapy
    746 Altos Oaks Dr.
    Los Altos, CA 94024
    (650) 948-0743

  14. Conrad Young
    PT Works

    794 Altos Oaks Dr.
    Los Altos, CA 94024

  15. Deann Ohler, D.C.
    4546 El Camino Real
    Suite 230
    Los Altos, CA 94022

  16. Kimberlee K. Davis, D.C.
    949 Sherwood Ave.
    Los Altos, CA 95032

  17. Lyresa Pleskovitch, D.C., Q.M.E.
    The Spine and Therapy Center
    2504 Ash St.
    Palo Alto, CA 94306
    email: plesko@spineandtherapy.com

  18. Jeffrey Peterson, M.D.
    Stanford University Medical Center
    Emergency Dept.
    300 Pasteur Dr.
    Alway Bldg., M121, MC 5119
    Stanford, CA 9430

  19. Edward Weiss, M.D.
    900 Welch Rd.
    Suite 208
    Palo Alto, CA 94304
    (650) 549-5866

  20. Aleia and Vince Baza
    Therapeutic Shiatzu and Acupressure
    541 Cowper St.
    Palo Alto, CA 94301
    By Appointment Only:
    (650) 678-2914

  21. Wendy Ann Harrison
    Rosen Emotional Bodywork, Bio-energy Balancing, Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist
    Midtown Natural Health
    2635 Middlefield Road
    Palo Alto, CA
    (650) 322-2809

  22. Sports Medicine Institute
    Orthopedic massage therapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Personal Training, Nutrition
    260 Sheridan Ave., Suite B40
    Palo Alto, CA
    (650) 322-2809

    The Flood Building
    870 Market Street, Rm 1181
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    Phone: (415) 590-7532

  23. Esther Gokhale
    Gokhale Method Institute
    2439 Birch Str., Suite 1
    Palo Alto, CA 94306
    1-(888) 557-6788
    Other locations worldwide. Please refer to website.

  24. Samantha Moon, L.Ac. QME
    MediPoints Accupuncture Clinic
    (650) 400-8946

    • 1220 University Drive, Suite 202B
      Menlo Park, CA 94025
    • 802 Brewster Ave., Suite 150
      Redwood City, CA 94063
      (Monday and Thursday)

  25. Jennifer Logan, D.O.
    Cypress Natural Medicine
    https://cnmhealth.com/ 359 Middlefield Road
    Palo Alto, CA
    (650) 323-7234

  26. The Balance Center
    560 Oxford Avenue
    Palo Alto, CA 94306
    (650) 856-2000

  27. Mike Boester
    The Bike Connection
    Bike fitting
    2011 El Camino Real
    Palo Alto, CA
    (650) 853-3000

  28. Jeffrey Teraoka, M.D.
    Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Medical Center
    http://www.va.gov/providerinfo/PALOALTO/detail.asp?providerid=26423801 Miranda Ave., Bldg 7D PM
    R 117
    Palo Alto, CA 94034
    (650) 493-5000

  29. Vinita Azarow, D.C.
    Mtn View Chiropractic Center
    1503 Grant Road, Suite 100
    Mountain View, CA 94040

  30. Judith Thurber, D.C.
    Thurber Chiropractic
    355 W. El Camino Real
    Mountain View, CA

  31. Sara Chong
    Reiki Master

    by appointment:
    (650) 387-2907
    Book online

  32. Bryan A. Kolozsi, DC, CCSP
    670 Oak Grove Ave., Suite O
    Menlo Park, CA 94025

  33. Lori Stotko, CHT
    Mid-Peninsula Chiropractic

    Certified Hand Therapist
    1155 University Drive, Suite 1
    Menlo Park, CA 94025

  34. Robin Tobias, PT
    1225 Crane
    Suite 105
    Menlo Park, CA 94025

  35. BAK Physical Therapy
    3532 Alameda de las Pulgas, West
    Menlo Park, CA 94025

  36. Ben Manuel, D.C.
    Mid-Peninsula Chiropractic
    1155 University Dr. #1
    Menlo Park, CA 94025
    (650) 326-5927

  37. Aaron Vanderhoof, D.C. C.C.S.P
    Biomechanics of posture, power plate, cold laser, graston technique, active release therapy
    677 Cowper Street
    Palo Alto, CA 94301
    (650) 323-2033

  38. Dominique Biner, D.C.
    Sports medicine, trigger point, myofascial release, RSI, Parkinson's wellness
    Owner: Silicon Valley Fit.
    4193 El Camino Real
    Palo Alto, CA 94306
    (650) 858-1213

  39. Health Logic
    Dr. Rikke Johansen, DC
    Dr. Michael Silvas, DC
    633 Menlo Avenue, Ste. 100
    Menlo Park, CA 94025
    (650) 853-1800

  40. Aaron Parnell, Executive Director
    The Vitality Center
    Reposturing Dynamics
    Stretches and massage techniques to restore flexibility to thebody.
    407 North San Mateo Drive
    San Mateo, CA 94401
    (650) 347-4565

  41. Theresa Geronimo, P.T.
    AERO Physical Therapy
    77 N. San Mateo Dr.
    Suite 2
    San Mateo, CA 94401
    (650) 343-5678

  42. Wendy Figone
    Myofascial Release, Therapeutic Yoga, Nutrition
    Belmont, CA
    (650) 730-6005

  43. Ed Bailey
    Acupuncture, Shiatsudo Acupressure
    828 Portola Road
    Portola Valley, CA 94028
    (650) 851-8600

  44. Mark E. Rosen, D.O.
    4370 Alpine Road
    Suite 205
    Portola Valley, CA 94028
    (650) 529-0304

  45. Innesa Lagen, M.A., CMT
    Cranial sacral massage
    4370 Alpine Road
    Portola Valley, CA 94028
    (650) 529-0304

  46. Peter Andree, D.C.
    http://www.spineandhandpain.com/ 950 Woodside Road
    Redwood City, CA
    (650) 367-1534

  47. The Athlete's Advantage, Deep Muscle Massage
    http://athletes-advantage.com 4546 El Camino Real
    Suite B-1
    Los Altos, CA 94022

  48. Vanessa Ortiz, M.D.
    Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    Electrodiagnostic Associates
    851 Fremont Ave., Auite 109
    Los Altos, CA 94024
    (650) 941-1040

Los Gatos / San Jose / Sunnyvale / Santa Clara / Campbell / Morgan Hill
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  1. HealthNOW Medical Center
    Vikki Peterson, D.C., C.C.N.
    genetral chiropractic, clinica nutrition, gluten intolerance, celiac disease
    1309 S. Mary Ave., Suite 100
    Sunnyvale, CA 94087

  2. Matthew Snider, D.C.
    Sunnyvale Chiropractic Clinic
    http://www.drmatsnider.com/ 481 S. Murphy Ave.
    Sunnyvale, CA

  3. Rick Gardner, D.C.
    Supreme Court Athletic Club
    415 N. Mathilda
    Sunnyvale, CA 94085

  4. Esther Golan
    Hellerwork (developed from Rolf Method)

    Deep tissue therapy, pressure, movement, and stretching. Occasional classes/workshops
    1580 S. Winchester Blvd.
    Suite 103B
    Campbell, CA
    (408) 267-5101

  5. Kevin Minney
    Bowen Technique. Manual therapy stimulating healing and pain relief.
    (510) 333-4324
    Alameda Location:
    2515 Santa Clara #107
    Alameda, CA 94501
    Tue 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Thur 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Fri 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
    San Francisco Location:
    at the Mindful Body
    2876 California St.
    San Francisco, CA
    Wed. 8:30 am - 2:00 pm

  6. Frank He, L.Ac., Q.M.E., DAOM
    Integrative & Sports Medicine Center
    1288 Kifer Rd. #202
    Sunnyvale, CA 94086
    (408) 720-1766

  7. Ping Wang, OMD, L.Ac.
    Soft tissue manipulation, acupuncture
    http://www.fingersurgery.net/20432 Silverado Ave. #4
    Cupertino, CA 95014
    (408) 252-2017

  8. Qi Han, California Licensed Acupuncturist
    toll free: (888) 681-6598

    3339 Judah St./39th Ave.
    San Francisco, CA 94122
    621 E. Campbell Ave.
    Campbell, CA 95008
  9. May Cheung, D.C.
    Sports chiropractic, repetitive strain injuries, auto accidents.
    1299 Water Lily Way, #17
    San Jose, CA 95129
    (408) 899-4666

  10. Quinn Orthopedic Physical Therapy
    Debbie Quinn, PT, MMSc

    20823 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 200
    Cupertino, CA 95014
    (408) 252-6076

  11. Peak Physical Therapy
    Geneveive Cleveland, MS,PT,DPT, OCS, MTC
    10580 South De Anza Blvd.
    Cupertino, CA 95014
    (408) 366-1735

  12. City Sport Physical Therapy
    J. Scott Plank, PT,MS,DPT,ATC,CSCS
    1281 Oakmead Pkwy.
    Suite 102
    Sunnyvale, CA 94085
    (408) 773-8884

  13. Jaishri Ramesh, M.D., RSI Specialist
    Alliance Occupational Medicine
    1901 Monterey Rd.
    San Jose, CA 95112
    (408) 477-8081
    2737 Walsh Ave.
    Santa Clara, CA 95051
    (408) 228-8400
    315 S. Abbott Ave.
    Milpitas, CA 95035
  14. Myofascial Therapy Center
    Myofascial therapy, physical and occupational therapy

    201 E. Hamilton Ave.
    Campbell, CA 95008

  15. Meredith Bigley, L.Ac.
    acupuncture/Chinese herbal medicine
    222B Oakmeadow Drive
    Los Gatos, CA 95032
    (408) 399-7711

  16. William Tolhurst, D.C.
    409 Alberto Way
    Los Gatos, CA 95032

  17. Matthew and Micheal Janzen, D.C.
    Janzen & Janzen Chiropractic
    256 E. Hamilton Ave. #F
    Campbell, CA 95008
    (408) 379-0133

  18. Chiropractic Healing Center
    Thomas Mosca, D.C.
    20 S. Santa Cruz Ave.
    Los Gatos, CA 95032
    (408) 354-5645

  19. Healing in Motion
    Anne Robinson, PT, SEP
    777 Knowles Dr.
    Suite 6B
    Los Gatos, CA 95032
    (408) 410-5781

  20. Petzoldt Hand & Back Rehab.
    4010 Moorpark Ave., Suite 103
    San Jose, CA 95117

  21. Norman Kahan, MD
    Physical and Medical Rehabilitation, Physiatrist, Spine and RSIspecialties
    515 South Dr., Suite 16
    Mountain View, CA 94040
    (408) 374-1133
    555 Knowles Dr.
    Suite 207
    Los Gatos, CA 95032
  22. Sue Patenaude
    Patenaude & Associates, Inc.
    In-person training and evaluations, self-training, online database tracking
    305 Vineyard Town Center
    Morgan Hill, CA 95037
    (408) 690-5654

The Coast
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  1. Christine Ely, M.P.T.
    Physical Therapy
    785 Main St. Suite A
    Half Moon Bay, CA

  2. The Spokesman
    231 Cathcart Street
    Santa Cruz, CA

San Mateo / San Carlos / San Bruno / Belmont / Foster City
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  1. ACM Health Center
    Academy of Chinese Medicine
    Acupuncture, Tuina, and Chinese herbs

    San Mateo Location
    (650) 579-5560
    417 North San Mateo Dr.
    San Mateo, CA 94401
    Fremont Location
    (510) 796-8881
    2100 Peralta Blvd.
    Fremont, CA
    San Jose Location
    (408) 288-8882
    167 N. Bascom Ave.
    San Jose, CA
    San Francisco Location
    (415) 387-8886
    738 40th Ave.
    San Francisco, CA
  2. Carol Ludwig, PT
    Northern California Spine Center
    424 N. San Mateo Dr.
    San Mateo, CA 94401
    (650) 348-5112

  3. Beth Weiss, OT/L, CHT
    Mills Health Center
    100 S. San Mateo Drive
    San Mateo, CA 94401
    (650) 696-4562

  4. ABA Physical Therapy Associates
    1670 South Amphlett Blvd. #123
    San Mateo, CA 94402
    (650) 532-9444

  5. Dale Heer, DC
    Foster City Chiropractic
    1098 Foster City Blvd., Suite 203
    Foster City, CA 94404
    (650) 573-9371

  6. Phil Kotzan, D.C.
    Kotzan Chiropractic
    1150 White Oak Way
    San Carlos, CA
    (650) 593-3500

  7. Tom Duncan, L.Ac.
    1140 Suite C Laurel Ave.
    San Carlos, CA 94070
    (650) 394-6191
    (415) 971-2288

  8. Yinfinite Wellness

    Acupuncture, Wellness and Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Fertility
    10 El Camino Real
    San Carlos, CA 94070
    (650) 596-5616

  9. Carole Hong, Optometrist
    Family Vision Care & Vision Therapy
    http://www.familyvisioncare.org 1234 Cherry St.
    San Carlos, CA
    (650) 593-1661

  10. Marilyn Carmona, D.C.
    http://www.carmonachiropractic.com/ 1407 South B Street
    San Mateo, CA 94402
    (650) 342-3452

San Francisco
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  1. Susan Macdonald, MPT
    Kaiser Permanente
    San Francisco Medical Clinic
    1635 Divisadero St.
    Suite 300
    San Francisco, CA 94115

  2. Sports Medicine Institute
    Orthopedic massage therapy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Personal Training, Nutrition
    260 Sheridan Ave., Suite B40
    Palo Alto, CA
    (650) 322-2809

    The Flood Building
    870 Market Street, Rm 1181
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    Phone: (415) 590-7532

  3. Curtis Turchin, D.C., M.A.
    Innate Adjusting, Laser Therapy, Exercises
    582 Market St.
    Suite 902
    San Francisco, CA 94104

    130 Petaluma Ave., Suite 2F
    Sebastopol, CA 95472

  4. Myofascial Pain Treatment Center
    870 Market Street
    Suite 1177
    San Francisco, CA 94201

  5. Irit Lippl
    749A Second Ave.
    San Francisco, CA 94118
    (415) 386-9285

  6. Bettina Neumann, PT, CST, LLCC
    Craneal sacral therapy
    500 Sutter #512
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    (415) 282-4083

  7. Nestor Perez
    Chi Nei Tsang, Shiatsu, Integrative Bodywork, Acupressure, Somatic Therapy, Energy Healing
    2309 Judah Street
    (between 28th & 29th Ave.)
    San Francisco, CA 94122
    (415) 933-3961

  8. Eleanor Rosenthal
    The Alexander Technique

    Transformative retraining of the nervous and musculo-skeletalsystems
    http://www.eleanorrosenthal.com San Francisco, CA 94115
    By Appointment: Contact

  9. Alden Soohoo, D.C.
    345 Baden Ave.
    South San Francisco, CA 94080
    (415) 875-3833

  10. Kai Tiltmann, D.C., C.A.E.
    Ergonomics specialist
    Financial District Chiropractic
    555 Front St. (@ Jackson)
    San Francisco, CA 94111
    (415) 781-2225

  11. Brian Rizzo, D.C.
    Rizzo Chiropractic

    540 Castro Street
    San Francisco, CA 94114
    (415) 621-5772

  12. Hal Rosenberg, D.C.
    Chiro-Medical Group, Inc.
    sports chiropractic
    246 First Street #101
    San Francisco, CA 94105
    (415) 495-2225

  13. Adolfo Liu, D.C.
    Avanzaré Chiropractic Sport Therapy
    2797 Union Street
    San Francisco, CA

  14. Peter Lewandowski, D.C.
    61 New Montgomery
    Mezannine level above The Crunch
    San Francisco, CA 94105
    (415) 896-2273

  15. Arnold Traynis, M.D.
    SFO Medical Clinic
    Family Medicine & Critical Care
    San Francisco International Airport
    Lower Level, Terminal 2
    Validated parking, BART, AirTrain

  16. The Hand Center of San Francisco
    Kyle D. Bickel, M.D., FACS
    1700 California St., Suite 450
    San Francisco, CA 94109
    (415) 751-HAND

  17. Irene Minkowsky, M.D. and Robert Minkowsky, M.D.
    Physicians Back Institute
    2000 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 305 (Nob Hill)
    San Francisco, CA 94109
    (415) 776-2121

  18. Red Hawk Physical Therapy
    580 Market St.
    Suite 200
    San Francisco, CA 94104
    (415) 788-2100

  19. Golden Gate Hand Therapy
    1700 California St.
    Suite 450
    San Francisco, CA
    (415) 359-1444

  20. Hoyman Minx Hong, MD
    900 Hyde Street (between Bush St. & Pine St.)
    San Francisco, CA 94109
    (415) 353-6464

  21. Barbara Vos, CMT
    Swedish Massage, Craniosacral Massage
    http://barbaravoslmt-cst.com/ 228 Prague St.
    San Francisco, CA 94112
    (415) 336-8471

  22. Ron Spinhoven
    Interactive healing arts
    Massage, neuromuscular therapist, pain relief specialist
    2358 Pine St.
    San Francisco, CA 94115
    6315 Bodega Ave.
    Petaluma, CA 94952
  23. Joella Castillo, D.C., C.C.S.P., C.A.E.
    4167 26th St.
    Suite 295
    San Francisco, CA 94131
    (415) 641-4892

  24. Leslie Smith
    Spa Radiance
    3011 Filmore St.
    San Francisco, CA 94123
    (415) 346-6281
    - or -
    Freelance: (808) 250-4263

  25. St. Mary's Spine Center
    Ben Berman Outpatient Rehabilitation Center
    450 Stanyan St., 3rd Floor
    San Francisco, CA
    (415) 750-4978

  26. Circle Community Acupuncture
    Affordable, sliding scale
    1351 Harrison St.
    San Francisco, CA 94103

  27. Wendy Richardson, PT
    Back & Body Care
    375 Banks Street
    San Francisco, CA
    (415) 626-3099

  28. Amy Selinger, PT, DPT, OCS
    470 3rd St., Suite 200
    San Francisco, CA 94107
    (415) 538-7878

  29. PSOAS Massage & Body Works
    Offering ART (Active Release Therapy)
    333 3rd St., Suite 205
    San Fransisco, CA 94107
    (415) 227-0331

  30. Dr. Jennie Bakondi, DPT
    Asher Clinic
    2801 Larkspur Landing Circle
    Larkspur, CA 94939
    (415) 461-8233

Oakland / East Bay
Back to Practitioner Listing
  1. Yuanjin Tao, L.Ac. CMD
    ATP Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
    230 Fremont Hub Courtyard
    Fremont, CA 94538
    (510) 713-9086

  2. Benjamin Kreig, L.Ac.
    Roots of Eastern Medicine Acupuncture Clinic
    4377 1st. St., Suite B
    Pleasanton, CA 94566
    (925) 785-7113

  3. Abby Irwin, D.C., sports chiropractic
    Andrea Sullivan, D.C., cranial and sports chiropractic
    Elizabeth Ringrose, D.C., neurology
    Inline Chiropractic
    2100 Lakeshore Ave., Suite E
    Oakland, CA 94606

  4. Sue Mullen, D.C.
    669 Oakland Ave.
    Oakland, CA 94611
    (510) 653-6855

  5. Timothy Jameson, D.C.
    Specializing in treatment of RSI.
    3319 Castro Valley Blvd.
    Castro Valley, CA 94546
    website: http://www.jamesonchiro.com/
    (510) 582-5454

  6. Steve Meagher
    Site Solutions
    Online training, self-assessments/training, onsite evaluations and training
    P.O. Box 1903
    Orinda, CA 94563
    (925) 377-0199

  7. Peter Edgelow, PT
    Physiotherapy Association
    Hands-off retraining for severe RSI problems
    22336 Main St.
    Hayward, CA 94541
    (510) 732-7881

  8. Performance Based Ergonomics
    Task and posture retraining, keyboard shortcuts classes, pain-free typing program
    484 Lake Park Ave. #14
    Oakland, CA 94610
    (510) 839-5716

  9. Ann Honigman, MPH, DC
    Westside Family Chiropractic

    2560 Ninth St.
    Suite 313
    Berkeley, CA
    (510) 843-5700

  10. Ann C. Moore, AMTA
    Massage Therapist
    Back to Life Wellness Center
    1505 Webster St.
    Alameda, CA
    (510) 769-6980

  11. Brian Dempsey, L. Ac.
    Davis Holistic Health Center
    1403 5th St., Suite B
    Davis, CA 95616
    (530) 758-7525

  12. J. Scott Crill, D.C.
    Crill Chiropractic Corporation
    1700 Eukera Rd. #190
    Roseville, CA 95661

North Bay
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  1. Victoria Moore, D.C.
    1005 "A" Street
    Suite 213
    San Rafael, CA 94901
    (415) 482-8700

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Southern California

  1. Kerlin Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic
    Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Care
    (310) 665-7280 (all locations)
    Los Angeles:
    6801 Park Terrace
    (Hughes Center off 405)
    Los Angeles, CA 90045
    301 N. Lake Ave.
    Suite 201
    Pasadena, CA 91101
    Los Angeles:
    White Memorial Medical Center
    1700 Cesar E. Chavez Ave.
    Suite 1400
    Los Angeles, CA 90033
    Beverly Hills:
    120 S. Spalding Dr.
    Suite 400A
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    Orange County:
    2400 E. Katella Ave.
    Anaheim, CA 90806
    Santa Monica:
    2001 Santa Monica Blvd.
    Suite 1060
    Santa Monica, CA 90404
  2. Kathy Coakley, PTA, ATC
    Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine
    21501 Brookhurst St., Suite E
    Huntington Beach, CA 92646
    (714) 963-7712
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East Coast

  1. Peninsula Rehab & Sports Medicine
    (410) 213-7878
    12417 Ocean Gateway
    Suite 9
    West Ocean City, MD 21842
    120th St.
    North Ocean City, MD 21842
  2. Robert Wood Johnson University
    Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

    743 Alexander Road
    Suite 2
    Princeton, NJ
    (609) 419-0455
    Several other locations available.

  3. Ward Gypson, M.D., physiatrist
    Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    University of Virginia
    Fontaine Medical Office, Bldg. 1
    415 Ray C. Hunt Dr.
    Charlottesville, VA 22903
    (434) 338-6960

  4. Vito Pagano, D.C.
    Pagano Chiropractic Center
    Facebook: Pagano Chiropractic Center
    2 Tree Farm Road
    Suite B-220
    Pennington, N.J.
    (609) 730-1970

  5. Brandon Osborne, D.C.
    Central Jersey Spine & Rehabilitation Center
    47 W. Broad Street
    Hopewell, N.J. 08525
    (609) 466-1190

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