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Safe Computer Workstation Design for Children

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Most desks are 26 to 29 inches high and 24 inches or 30 inches deep. The 26 inch height that is safe for most adults is too high for children. The correct typing height for first graders is 20". Because children grow an average of 5" in elementary school, it is best to provide adjustable chairs and/or surfaces. Set surfaces to accommodate larger children and raise smaller children with an adjustable chair or pillows so the keyboard is even with their elbow. A small tray, called a mouse bridge, can be used to support the mouse over the number keys, holding it right in front of the child's body. (see Resources Section).

The 30 inch deep surface allows enough room for the keyboard, mouse and monitor. If a 24 inch surface is used, a keyboard tray is necessary to allow sufficient room between the child and the monitor. The keyboard tray should accommodate the mouse either directly above the number keys or right next to the keyboard. For maximum comfort for the entire family, install an articulating tray.

To minimize children's risk of injury, equipment should be adjusted to fit them. Ergonomics means arranging and/or designing tools and furniture so people can use them most efficiently, comfortably and safely. Healthy posture should be comfortable because it uses the right muscles for the right job.

Note: fingers should be relaxed on the mouse and keyboard. This neutral position is not pictured above.
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Safe Computer Workstation Design

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