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Pens & Pencils
Staplers & Punches

Prices shown are representative of discounted retail prices. Most products are available from general office suppliers.

Wide grip pens & pencils:

Sanford Uniball 207 Signo Premier, $6
Wide barrel with squishy, responsive jelly-like grip. Classy brushed silver with black gel ink. 0.7 mm point.
Available from: Most office supply stores or JetPens.com.
Sanford Uniball 207 Premier pen
Pilot Dr. Grip, Dr. Grip Center of Gravity, Dr. Grip Gel, Dr. Grip Advanced Ink, and Dr. Grip LTD Gel

All of the Dr. Grip pens and mechanical pencils have a very squishy, thick cushioned grip for comfortable writing without pressure points on your fingers or stress to your hands. The pencils are available with 0.5 mm or 0.7mm lead. All of the Dr. Grip pens and pencils are refillable.

Pens and Mechanical Pencils: $8.50
Available from: Most office supply stores or JetPens.com.
Pilot Dr. Grip
ResQ gel pen, $8.50
Ezgrip Ez-1 ballpoint pen, $6.00

The patented rubber grip on this pen is what makes it unique. When held with the ridge side up, no gripping of the pen is required. Only a light downward touch allows writing, eliminating the need to use harmful gripping, which stresses many parts of the hand. The ResQ gel is metallic silver colored; the EZgrip is available in three different plastic colors. All pens use standard Parker style refills.

Available online from: www.dextek.com

ResQ penEZGrip pen
EZgrip $3.00/3 pk.

EZgrips can be used with any pencil, pen, or pencil-like tool in industry, microelectronics, and medical/dental environments as well as office use. Like the ResQ pen and the EZgrip pen shown above, the patented rubber grip requires no gripping action when a finger is placed on the ridgeon top. The rubber composite can be cleaned and chemically sterilized. For larger tools, the grip can be cut along the back, forming the grip around the tool or marker. Friction will usually hold the grip in place due to the light pressure required when using the grip.

Available from www.dextek.com

Pen Again from $4.75

Comfortable no-grip design to prevent hand and finger fatigue. Especially good for people with arthritis, but great for anyone who writes a lot. Refillable ink cartridges. Available in a large variety of colors and styles, pocket clip, or retractable cap. Pencils are also available for children's smaller hand.

Available from www.thewritingpenstore.com
Higher end ErgoSleek aluminum design available from www.B3.net

Pen Again

Staplers & Punches:

Swingline Optima PowerEaseTM SWI87850, $18.57
Reduces the force required to staple by 70%. 20 sheet capacity. Soft grip surfaces enhance comfort for desktop or handheld use.
Swingline Optima PowerEase Stapler
Swingline OptimaTM PowerEaseTM Reduced Effort Stapler (SWI87851), $18.00
Reduces the force required to staple by 70% compared to standard staplers. 25 sheet capacity. Soft grip surfaces enhance comfort for desktop or handheld use.
Swingline Optima PowerEase Stapler
Swingline Optima GripTM Electric Stapler (SWI48207), $33.16
Handheld electric stapler with either manual or automatic staple activation. 20 sheet capacity. Soft grip material and designed for comfortable hand held use.
Swingline Optima Grip
Swingline Cordless Rechargeable Electric Stapler (SWI48201), $60.16
Delivers 2,000 staples on a single charge. Adjustable docking station enables multi-angled desktop operation and convenient recharging. Up to 20 sheet capacity. Desktop use.
Swingline Cordless Rechargeable Electric Stapler
Electric stapler, $41.10

Anti-jam stapler delivers fast, accurate stapling of up to 20 sheets at once. Unique staple out indicator light is activated when the staple supply is low. Optic trip firing mechanism guarantees fast, accurate stapling

Bostitch stapler
Staples One Touch Adjustable 2- or 3-hole punch, $33.00 to $44.00

Requires 50% less force than traditional hole punches. Adjustable to 2 or 3 holes with margin depth adjustment and paper guide. Available in 20 sheet capacity or 40 sheet capacity models.

Staples OneTouch 3-Hole Punch
Swingline LightTouch Adjustable 3-hole punch, $26.00

Requires 50% less force than traditional hole punches. Adjustable hole placement. 20 sheet capacity. Handle locks down for storage. Available in blue/silver or silver/black.

Swingline LightTouch 30hole punch


Fiskar SoftGrip scissors 8" blade, FSK01004761 ,

Contoured handles fit your hand. Soft grip for added comfort. Handles contain 30% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Fiskars Soft Grip Scissors


Avery One Touch EZD Ring Binders
$10-$18, OfficeSupply.com

The lever on these binders is designed to minimize the force needed to open and close the rings. Make sure you buy the One Touch model for this hand-saving feature. The binders come in many colors, thicknesses, and with or without frames on the cover for inserting a picture or cover design.

Avery One Touch EZD ring binder

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